Le Choc’Alpin

Meet Tristan and Lucie, the brains behind a brand new chocolate brand for our valley.

“We grew up in the Alps and obviously love them; you can see this in the work of Tanko Designs. We’re also big fans of chocolate and it seemed a great idea to unite those 2 passions of ours in one creation.

Also Tristan makes moulds for a local chocolate factory, which means 2 things : we have the “savoir-faire” and tools to make moulds with our mountains on it + we can use their high quality chocolate for our tablet.

Le Choc’Alpin is the first tablet representing the real life of the Alps. So it’s the perfect « souvenir » to bring back from our mountains. Plus it’s 100% local, manufactured & packed in Haute-Savoie (in the « Chablais »).

It’s a new way to enjoy the Alps!

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