Studio Polly

Born in the Ural Mountains in Russia, my love of wild places brought me to the French Alps in 2015. 

I now practise my two biggest passions – photography and video making – by capturing beautiful weddings and family experiences in the stunning mountains around Morzine.

Too often we forget, happiness is what happens in the little moments in life. Grandad’s rumbling laughter, your toddlers toothy grin, your 3-year-old’s favourite sayings… 

I find beauty in simple and authentic moments, and through my lens turn these into memories that can be cherished forever. A session with me is very informal and relaxed; even if you usually shy away from the camera, I can guarantee you will have fun and come away feeling excited about seeing the results.

For me the mountains are a magical place, and whether it’s your first time here, or you come every year, my beautiful and artistic photography will enable you to take some of the magic home with you.

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