Finesse Art

I believe that every photograph has a hidden story. My images aim to capture these stories.

Reflecting on my multi-sensory approach to photography and art,I often ask the question; “Have you ever been in the mountains, closed your eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air? How does it make you feel?” It’s these senses that I seek to awaken with my art.

Only in nature do we notice the little things. The tiny droplets of morning dew as we walk through the forest. How the sun’s first rays touch the mountain flowers. The steady flow of the water in a nearby steam. I’m regularly commissioned to capture these beautiful moments and you’ll often find me halfway up a mountain at dawn or dusk, come rain or shine, searching for the perfect image.

I hope that my images capture a moment in time and the simple beauty of the place I call home. Finesse Art makes it possible for you to enjoy these moments in the comfort of your own home.

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