Eight Bells Wedding Imagery

My fulfilment as a wedding photographer comes from what I give back, and this realisation defines what I do. My unobtrusive style reflects my vision to create images which will forever remain authentic and moving to the couple.

I subtly go about my work in an instinctual and genuine way to capture the story as it unfolds before me. I draw upon the six years I’ve spent exploring the artistic possibilities of the mountains, with their changing light and weather patterns, to beautifully record the raw emotions and spontaneous moments that make each wedding story so individual and precious.

In the perfect embodiment of life following art and art following love, I met Polly – a talented videographer and my soon-to-be wife – while shooting a wedding. Now, together, we share our love of storytelling on a journey through life with each other.

Documenting people and their stories is what makes us tick, and we feel blessed to do what we love for a living.


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