Dinners Delivered

We are Dinners Delivered! 

We are coming to the show to promote our excellent dinner delivery service. We provide restaurant standard food delivered to your door ALL YEAR ROUND!

We offer 3 main types of catering:

– ‘Hello Fresh’ style Recipe bags ready for you to cook a meal from scratch at home

– Ready meals that come freshly cooked ready to heat and eat

– Authentic Indian Take Away from our off shoot ‘Chilli Nights’

We use local ingredients where possible and nothing is frozen. Meals are cooked fresh on the day of delivery and we consider them to be restaurant standard dishes. 

We are passionate about keeping our service as eco friendly as possible – we use recyclable packaging and pre portion all food to reduce food waste to name just a couple of things that we do to ensure our environmental promise is kept. 

We are looking forward to meeting you there! 

Dinners Delivered

+33 6 47 94 65 69 or +44 7870 19 11 44

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