Abi Fantastic Art

I am an Artist from the UK, I spent my last 7 years in Barcelona and  spent the last year here in Morzine town! Painting is where my heart lies but I also work in many different creative realms.
My paintings are of a very Abstract Expressionism style, using very bright, bold colours and expressive marks. I love to work with lots of different media and materials and in a very layered format, to create lots of depth and fluidity. The bigger and bolder the better and I usually work on a split canvas with diptychs and triptychs.
I have a lot of fun with my work, which for me, is what it’s all about. This you can see through how expressive my work can get.
I have been lucky enough to sell my work in many places across the world, with some great private commissions and collaborations in the UK, France, Spain, California, New York and Panama. I still have many places I would love to travel to and exhibit!
Alongside my painting and creating I have also been running my own Music & Art event over the last few years called ‘Collaboration Station’.  This event is used as a platform for Artists and Creatives to get together and support each other in creating fun events which have become a mini 1 day festival of the Arts!
My new exciting project I am working on at the moment is my new fashion brand of Fashions by Fantastic.This is a new concept of taking the designs from my original, abstract paintings and putting these prints onto clothes, shoes and accessories. The bright, bold designs from my paintings make for some very exciting and original garments. This is a very new business so I am very excited to see where it heads.
DISCOVER MORE: abifantastica@gmail.com

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